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PillWeightLoss.com Google PR2, 3 y.o. Domain Name and 2 Established Websites
Weight Loss Website and Diet Gides Website. Wordpress Blog with thousands of articles.
Bid Price: $ 1295.95
BIN Price: $ 1997.85
Company Name: PillWeightLoss
Website: http://www.pillweightloss.com
Listed: Jan 09, 2013
Listing Description

This auction is for PillWeightLoss.com premium domain name which is very easy to remember, brandable and for weight loss  niche which is one of the top profitable niches on Internet. There are over 200.000 searches every month for the term “Pill Weight Loss”. An everage cost per click is $2.38. DomainIndex.com appraises this domain name for $1850.00. You can hardly find this kind of domain name anywhere. We have purchased it in 2010 and marketed the site, now it has Google Page Rank 2. We have made this project packed with all the possible income streams you can think about. It has 2 fabulous websites with nice custom design, one website is Weight Loss Portal for making money  by selling diet packages and  you can receive 100% of income right to your Paypal account. Another website if for multiple affiliate systems using Google Adsense, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Paydotcom, Commission Junction and plenty of other affiliate programs. This affilate website has state of the art backend admin panel for easy site management. PillWeightLoss.com first website gives you the chance to earn up to 70% commission promoting products you don't even own . You will need to get registered at as many affiliate systems as you like and simply insert your affiliate IDs through your main website admin panel. It's as simple as that! This website can also be connected to Ebay.com, Ebay.co.uk, Ebay Australia, Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, India and Ebay Singapore websites. Also Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon Germany, France and Amazon Japan can be connected. It is very flexible and you can load your PillWeightLoss website with any weight loss related products any time by simply changing your feed keyword and clicking Save button. It is 100% automated. This web site draws it's stock from affiliate systems and is updated by these companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Even while you are sleeping if there are items no longer available then your website will be updated automatically. Similarly, if new products become available then they will be added to your website without any need for you to touch a thing. All you do, is collect your commissions from the sales generated by your site. This website has been built for one reason - Profit! I have also installed a second website where you can earn 100% of money. When your PillWeightLoss website visitors click Weight Loss Guides Shop banner they will get to the second website and pay you for diet guides. You receive payments right to your Paypal account. We have also built Wordpress blog at PillWeightLoss.com and we have been regularly posting unique weight loss related articles. This website is packed with THOUSANDS of unique content articles by now.

How does it work?

Simply login to your PillWeightLoss website admin control panel, here you will have full access to all the features. No HTML knowledge is needed to edit your website! Edit your website via the 'Easy Edit' feature, all you need to do is enter your details. The whole process is so simple a child could do it. Here you can also edit and add content so your website is 100% unique. That's it! PillWeightLoss is your very own unique website that can generate multiple streams of income for years to come. The second website is also fully set up, we will enter your Paypal address so that 100% of money could come to your account.

Website Features and what's included:

1st Website:

· Admin Settings - edit and change your username and password to one unique only to you. This secures your admin panel to only you.

· Personal Settings -insert your details which will be used for visitors to contact you via email on the contact form on your website. Just like your own helpdesk.

· Basic Website Settings - edit your website header, footer, copyright details, welcome text, index page content and lots more. This will make your website totally unique to you.

· Website S.E.O Settings - optimize your website by simply inserting your website key words to soar up the search engine rankings. You can also add your website tracking details in here too.

· Website Theme Settings - choose from 59 different pre-installed themes for your website by click of a button. Change the design any time you want, you can even have different design every day! You also have the option to use a custom theme of your own if you choose.


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